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Battle of Holsteinz
Battle of Holsteinz.JPG
Date: October 15th, 2018
Conflict: Netherland War
Status: Decisive FGR Victory...
  • Dutch raiders are eliminated at Schleswig-Holsteinz...
  • Holsteinz Airfield and Region around the area are damaged severely...
  • Schleswig-Holsteinz reclaimed...
  • Dutch Gorgonzeia Offensive cancelled...
Region: Schleswig-Holsteinz, Munster, German Federal Republic
Created By: Blu

The Battle of Schleswig-Holsteinz was the closing engagement in the Netherland War following the Raid of October 14th, 2018 that wiped out a large portion of German War supplies and forces within the Schleswig-Holsteinz Region in Munster, Germany.

The Raid let to a large German respnonse force coming from the East in order to counter and reclaim the region on the morning after the Raid on October 15th, 2018.

Despite the Raid being considered a joint Dutch and British Success against the Federal Republic of Germany, the sudden arrival of the German main army broke any chances that the Raid would have had in allowing the Dutch to keep control of the area, further forcing the SAS to evacuate, and the total annihliation of all remaining Dutch forces that were left behind in order to guard their rear.

The end of the Battle of Schleswig-Holsteinz led to the reclamation of the airfield and region surrounding the location, but due to severe battle damage sustained by the Raid of October 14th, 2018, the area was abandoned as a Supply Route and hub, and was instead just used as an Airfield location, which was eventually repaired by October 30th, by then Amsterdam had fallen and the Netherland War would come to an end.

The battle eliminated any Dutch attempt in launching an Invasion of Gorgonzeia, which would have been the farthest city to ever be Invaded and attacked by the Dutch, and was also known to have been near the German Heartland.

The Germans Supplies would be flowing through the US Supply routes that were once used by the American Militaries during the Cold War Era throughout the remainder of the Netherland War.