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Battle of Hans
Date: October 12th, 2018
Conflict: Netherland War
Status: Decisive N.R Victory...
  • Heavy losses inflicted to the FRGHD...
  • Netherlands Occupies Hans...
  • German defenders retreat to the Hecholar Crossroads...
  • Netherlands caught using American Equipment...
Region: Hans, Munster, German Federal Republic
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Fall of Hans was a devestating turning point in the Netherlands War, that occured on October 12th, 2018, following the German Federal Victory at Renoro 5 days ago on October 8th, 2018.

Despite holding out for about 4 hours against an overwhelming Netherlands Invasion, the German Federal Homeground Defenders were forced to abandon Hans due to the Dutch containing overwhelming Armored support and Artillery. It was also the battle which revealed that the Ithowa Pirates may have had connections to the United Western Nations, and that all of the ships that were being looted and salavged in the Carribean, may have been ways in order to steal CP Munitions in order to sent over to UWN Nations, though this whole definitions would not really be discovered until November of that same year.

Despite Han's fall, the German Federal Homeground Defneders took a stand on the Crossroads similar to what they have done in Renoro, resulting into the Battle of Hecholar, where it would be revealed that Hans and Hecholar would be as far as the Dutch would ever reach in Munster, Germany throughout the rest of the Netherlands War.