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Manufactured: 1987
Industry: Alliant Techsystems
Region of Origin: United States of America
Armor of Penetration: up to 420 mm (16.5 inches)
Caliber: HEAT
Range: 2,100 m
Filling: Octol
  • United States of America
  • Federal Republic of Germany (Purchased from ATK as part of a Lend Lease Agreement in 2016...)
  • Kingdom of Austria (Purchased by 2017 from ATK)
  • Commonwealth of Canada (Purchased from ATK after being loaned to them during the American Campaign in 2026)
Type: Disposable single shot rocket booster
Years Active: 1987-Present

The M136 Rocket Launcher Commonly referred to as The American AT-4 or The US-Spec AT-4 is a disposable single shot Rocket Launcher, that was known to be the United States adopted version of to the Swedish made AT-4 Rocket Launcher that was built by Saab Bofors Dynamics.

Unlike the Swedish made AT-4 version that was built and developed by Saab Bofors Dynamics, which was known to actually have created the original version that could actually be reloaded in order to fire again, the American made version of the AT-4 built and put together by ATK was instead designed to fire only one rocket that was premade to be built inside of the launcher, where after its firing the M136 would have to be disposed of, as it was no longer designed to fire a second time.

Following the break up of the United Nations and NATO, the M136 was in continuous production by ATK, as one of the most prominent portable single shot disposable rocket launchers for the Third World War Era, despite Sweden's attempts to shut down ATK in a international law suit, the case was thrown out due to the United States and Republic of Sweden no longer being allies. In order to make due and compete with this problem, the Swedish had abandoned their AT-4 design entirely, due to the M136's ties to them, and had replaced all portable disposable AT-4 style rockets with the much larger and more powerful AT-12 launchers.


  • In Reality the M136's original design was created and developed in Sweden by Saab Bofors Dynamics in 1987 and was first used by the United States that same year during the Invasion of Panama. The United States would go on to adopt the AT4 and creating the M136 that is used by the United States Military today, that is being manufactured and produced under license by ATK...
  • The M136 happens to be used by most Corcus Power Nations, with the exception of Israel, Turkey and the Republic of Italy...
  • The Federal Republic of Germany designates the American M136 as the Panzerfaust 265...
    • The Kingdom of Austria designates the American M136 as the Panzerschreck 5...
    • The Canadians designated the American made M136, as the C125 Portable launcher...
  • The main users of the M136 are the United States of America, Federal Republic of Germany, Kingdom of Austria, and Commonwealth of Canada...
  • It was revealed that during the Netherland War, the Netherland Republic was attempting to capture American Made M136's from the Germans, it was revealed later during the Germanic-Swedish War a month later that Sweden had paid the Dutch to salvage these American made AT4s from the Germans in order to bring them back to the Republic of Sweden in hopes of making a much better version of their AT12, this was accomplished leading to the AT12 becoming a big powerful threat during the Germanic-Swedish War by November 2018...
  • Compared to the Swedish Version, the M136 was designed to only shoot one HEAT rocket, revealing that the operator would have to discard the launcher after it had been fired, while the Swedish Version of the AT4 was able to fire both a rocket and can be reloaded, this one weakness in the American M136 would be taken full advantage of by the Republic of Sweden after the AT12 was designed to both fire and reload, making it hard for the Germans during the Germanic Swedish War...