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Panasarskott M/86
INS AT4.png
Manufactured: 1986
Industry: Saab Bofors Dynamics
Region of Origin: Republic of Sweden
Armor of Penetration: up to 420 mm (16.5 inches)
Caliber: HEAT
Range: 2,100 m
Filling: Octol
  • Army of Sweden
  • United States (During Invasion of Panama, Creates the M136 that same Year)
  • Unknown Amount of Nations
Type: Reloadable rocket booster
Successor: AT-12
Years Active: 1986-2017

The AT-4 commonly referred to as The Pansarskott or The Original AT4 was a Swedish built weapon that was designed and developed by Saab Bofors Dynamics in 1986 That was once known to have been one of the most wide sold weapons of the entire 20th and 21st Centuries, with the United States adopting the weapon in 1987 and building their own version while under license by ATK, one that would officially become known as the M136 that same year.

Though during the course of the 20th century going on into the 21st, the AT4 was eventually scrapped by the Republic of Sweden in 2017 after the fall of the United Nations, due to it containing ties to the American built M136, due to the 2 nations longer being allies at the time of 2016. After a failed lawsuit against the United States was made in order to force the superpower to relinquish all rights to the M136, due to the American industry ATK owning the rights to the M136's design (Whom at the time was still making the M136 without a license since the Break up of Nato) had been crushed, the AT4 had been removed entirely from the Swedish ranks and was replaced with the AT-12, a much bigger and more powerful version compared tot he AT-4.

During the Third World War, the American AT4 would be widely used by most of the nations within the Corcus Power coalition, along side the M72 Law, while the AT4 on the United Western Nations side would disappear from existence and would be replaced by the AT-12.


  • Many versions of the AT4 have been built under linscense world wide following the weapons success during the Invasion of Panama in 1987...
  • The American AT4 is designated and known as the M136, and is shown to be built and designed by ATK to fire only one rocket instead of being a reloadable type launcher...
  • Unlike the American Version which is designed to fired only one single HEAT Round before being discarded, the Swedish Pansarskott was designed to not only fire its projectile rocket at its target, but be reloaded as well...
  • The Pansarskott compared to the M136 was shown to actually have a handle grip, where the American Version mostly had to be held by 2 arms, though in some occasions the US military has been shown to place handle guards on their M136's, though this could be due to help reduce the effects of recoil once a HEAT rocket is fired...
  • The Pansarskott was considered to be the Original AT4, with the American Built version the m136 being nothing more but a duplicate adoption to the Pansarskott AT4...