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The Holsteinz Raid
Holsteinz Raid 2018JPG.jpg
Date: October 14th, 2018 - October 15th, 2018
Conflict: Netherland War
Status: Decisive British & Dutch Victory...
  • Severe damage conducted to German War supplies within the Munster Province...
  • British SAS forces vacate the Area before German Reinforcements arrive...
  • Supplies to Homeground Defenders are Crippled...
Region: Schleswig-Holsteinz, Munster, German Federal Republic
Created By: Blu

The Raid on Schleswig-Holstein, commonly reffered to by the British and Dutch as The Holstein Raid was an engagement behind German Lines that took place within the Munster Province in the Federal Republic of Germany, during the Netherland War on October 14th, 2018 during the Dutch Invasion of Munster, Germany, in which SAS British Commandos launched a devestating attack against the German forces in the area, in hopes of causing severe damage to the original army that was racing west in hopes of reinforcing the exausted Homeland Defenders that were struggling against the Dutch Invasion.

In the end, the Raid succeeded Destroying a large majority of the Schleswig-Holstein area, further dealing a severe blow to the Federal Republic of German in the Netherland War, during the Munster Campaign.

The British operatives that were present during the Raid, were never identified until a month after the war had ended in November of 2018, which by then, World War III had already started between the Corcus Powers, and United Western Nations.

Despite a Dutch victory during the raid, the Planned offensive against the German City of Gorgonzeia, was cancelled following a crushing German counter offensive that occured hours later resulting into the Battle of Schleswig-Holsteinz on the Morning of October 15th, 2018, 3 hours after the Raid had ended.

Prior to the Event[]

In an effort to ease pressure on their Dutch allies, British High Command began planning an operation that would slow down any German counter attacks. In order to do so however, they needed to ensure the Germans could not send air support and attack any reinforcements by sea. Therefore, British High Command authorized an operation code named Operation Wingsuit, calling for several units of the SAS and Dutch Commandoes to raid the main German airfield near the front.

The Raid[]

The raid itself was relatively simple in its plan. Sneak in using French helicopters, destroy all targets, and retreat. During the night, the commandoes flew into the airfield and promptly massacred the local garrison. They then destroyed all the Germanm planes and war supplies in and around Holsteinz Airfield, as Dutch light armor focused on pinning down a majority of the German forces within the region.

Fighting would continue from 11:04 PM to 3 AM within the Schleswig-Holsteinz Region leaving the entire area in ruins, however during the course of the heavy engagement, both the joint British and Dutch raiders had managed to succeed in destroying a large number of German War Supplies in the area, while also including military units.

However as they were planning to retreat, more German reinforcements suddenly appeared on the horizen, forcing the Dutch to dig in arounnd Holsteinz Airfield, giving the British SAS Commandos the chance to slip away before the sun came up at around 5:12 AM.


With German reinforcements on the way, the SAS began evacuating, leaving their Dutch allies as a rearguard in order to ensure the fact that British involvement remained hidden.

This would later result into the Battle of Schleswig-Holsteinz by Sunrise that same day on October 18th, 2018, where the Dutch would hold back wave after wave of German reinforcements as they enter the region, but were considered to be outnumbered and outgunned to the point that by late afternoon every last one of the Dutch Raiders were eliminated, allowing the Germans to retake control of the Schleswig-Holsteinz region in Munster, Germany on October 15th, 2018.