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Raid on Varkhan
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Date: October 15th, 2018
Conflict: Netherland War
  • United States Navy Seals recapture 2 of their own tanks...
  • Vital Plans and Intelligence gathered from the Dutch revealing all Ithowa Pirate Drop off Locations...
  • Germans unleash Operation Varsity...
  • Seals Team returns to German Lines with captured tanks...
Region: Varkhan, Munster, German Federal Republic
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Varkhan Raid was a surprised Raid conducted by the United States Navy Seals during the Netherland War, in an attempt to reclaim at least 2 of their tanks from the Dutch, while at the same time obtaining secret intelligence on the where abouts of the remaining drop off locations around Munster, Germany that the Ithowa Pirates have delivered US Ordinace to the Dutch.

The Raid led to the initiation of Operation Varisty, allowing the German Luftwaffe to seek out and destroy all of these Dutch Strongholds all over Munster, Germany causing a severe blow to the Dutch and weakining their Invasion force.

Prior to the Events[]

Following severe incidents that occured with Ithowa Pirates interfering with CP Trade, many aspects of American military equipment has been spotted taking part in the Netherland War, while fighting under the Dutch.

These American Vehicles were traced to the Piracy of 15 US Freighters that were salvaged in the Caribbean and disappeared without a trace before the coast guard or US Navy could locate. The gathering of US munitions was said to have been placed at Varkhan, A town in Munster, Germany that had just fallen to the Dutch 2 days earlier on October 13th, 2018.

The Raid[]

2 Seals coving a burning Dutch APC in the Distance, as the remaining ones drive an M60 and M1 Abram Tank out of the area, just moments before the entire area is carpet bombed by the German Luftwaffe....

In order to get to the bottom of the Piracy, while at the same time in an attempt to reclaim their own vehicles from the Dutch, A group of 10 Navy Seal units that were stationed in Germany at the time of the Netherland War was sent in in order to attack Varkhan Warehouse, and reclaim at least 2 of their tanks, before allowing the German Luftwaffe to carpet bomb the region.


An Abandoned Dutch AMT Tank sitting outside the ruins of Varkhan following the Raid by the US Navy Seals units...

Despite heavy resistance conducted by the Dutch, the US Navy Seals were successful in salvaging 2 of their tanks before making their way back to German Lines, they were also able to achieve a few documents on major drop off sights along the Munster Province, indicating where the remaining war supplies salvaged from the 15 US freighters are located, passing this over to German military leaders in Berlin, the Federal Republic of Germany prepares for Operation Varsity on October 16th, 2018, in an attempt to destroy these locations and reduce the Dutch's chance at military armored assets.