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World War III
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Date: November, 28th, 2018 - December 31st, 2029
Status: Ongoing as of July 2nd, 2023...
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • North America
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World War III was a massive destructive event that first erupted in Europe between the United Western Nations and Corcus Powers, before eventually spreading to the Asia 3 years later in 2020, after the Eurasian Strategic Alliance, launched an Invasion of South Korea, further promoting the Corcus Powers into dividing their forces to fight in both Europe and Asia.

As the war in the Pacific would rage between the Corcus Powers and Eurasian Strategic Alliance, the war in the Pacific reach a disastrous turn after the Fall of the Philippines to the Japanese and North Korean forces occurred, further forcing the United States to retaliate against Southeast Asia, only for the bloody fighting to end in failure, due to China getting involved and ejecting American forces out of Vietnam and Cambodia.

By April 11th, 2021, the United States attempted launch a full scale Invasion of China through Hong Kong, but the Invasion was stopped due to the support of Russia, further forcing the US back into the Pacific, as retaliation for the Invasion of China, ESA was able to organize its forces in secrecy, before eventually making a hidden deal with the Turkish government in order to turn on the Corcus Powers and provide all of their oil and assets to the Eurasian Strategic Alliance, in exchange for resources and munitions.

The cause of this would eventually cause the Corcus Powers to retaliate through the use of Invading Turkey, but China would prevent Italian forces from making it to the Turkish City of Ankara in 2023. However China and Turkey began to lose their ground when the US and Germans entered as well, further forcing China to detonate a nuclear Warhead on the Sanbura Oil Field, which was the largest in the world, wiping out a vast majority of American, German and Italian forces, leaving only remnants left in the field.

Despite the nuclear disaster, Canada, after about a decade of deciding on which side to choose from, joins the war as part of the Corcus Powers, and enters Turkey allowing the Israeli forces to finally break through the Chinese defenses and reinforce the remnants of American German and Italian forces assaulting Ankara, further forcing China to abandon Turkey leaving it to its fate..

As Punishment for turning on CP, the Turkish people and government were heavily disciplined by the Corcus Powers, and the country was Annexed by Italy, further ridding Turkey all of its independence, where it was once again dissolved into the Corcus Powers once again as part of Turkey.

Losing all patience with the Corcus Powers, ESA eventually launches a full scale surprise Invasion of the United States western coastline through the use of container ships, in order to act as the first wave before the superior fire power of the Russian Navy would destroy most of the United States pacific Fleet in the ocean, before joining in on the Invasion on November 19th, 2023. The Chinese were the first to make landfall and immediately gain superior ground in Seattle Tacoma, and vast other regions across Washington State, until they were stopped in the Battle of Agronath on the Washington Coastline, and a second time in the Cascade Range. Unfortunately for the Corcus Powers, was that on January 12th, 2024, Russian forces eventually made a beach landing in California, while most of the US army was engaged in Washington State, followed by North Korea launching an Airborne Invasion in Nevada, and taking control of the cities of Rachel, Las Vegas, and Ottapas, this in turned forced the Untied States to divide their forces, further allowing the Chinese to overrun Washington State on September 21st, 2024.

Taking advantage of the United States now being separated Russian and North Korean forces then linked up further destroying a vast majority of US forces, eventually claiming the entire Southwest of the US, where at that time on October 12th, 2024, Japan would then take part in the Invasion.

With 4 countries now Invading the United States, and its military on the verge of annihilation, the United States government forced all available units from everywhere in the world, to return back to America, including the ones holding the United Western Nations at bay in Europe, with the exception of the 18th Battalion who chose to remain behind, which in turned proved noble as the nation of Austria came under attack by Russian forces, where as a result forced German, Austrian and Italian forces into fighting off the Russian Invasions that were now plaguing Eastern Europe.

As the War in the United States became more brutal, as the United States lost more ground, to the point that the US 62nd Battalion conducted a major stand at United City, located on the Lake Ontario Coast, and was able to hold the city against waves of Chinese, and Russian forces attacking from the North and West, until US reinforcements from the east supported by Canada, arrived and finally tipped the balance of power against ESA on November 1st, 2024, finally giving the United States a chance to rest its military, as ESA didn't launch any more attacks for the weeks that followed until December 22nd, 2024, when they chose to make their way into the Rocky Mountains, the only portion of the western United States that was not fully captured by ESA, due to US Resistance fighters and Stranded American military forces fighting CUPA, using the mountainous terrain to their advantage.

A massive war erupted along the Rocky Mountains, which ended in the loss of multiple bridges the destruction of Fort Murk, and the famous stand on the Perk Hill, that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousand Japanese, North Korean, and Chinese Invaders, before Canadian forces freshly trained and drilled over the course of the months during the war in American broke through the ESA defenses outside the mountain range and entered the valley allowing the United States to force ESA out of the Mountains and finally breaking their hold in the Southwest USA.

As a form of retaliation due to Canada's interference, ESA launched an amphibious Invasion into the Yukon Region of Canada, where North Korean forces working together with Chinese forces were able to capture Fort Ottawa, a strategic base that was close to the Canadian mainland, before Invading Canada itself seizing the city of Porhemus. However, Canadian highland defenders, commanded by General John Lawson, were able to successfully counterattack ESA on April 12th, 2025, and force the Chinese and North Koreans back into the Yukon Territories, further promoting a victory in Canada, and allowing the Canadian military to still take part in the defense in the US.

Back in Eastern Europe, the Corcus Powers were soon assaulted on all sides to the point that Russian forces were able to launch a successful campaign against Greece, further allowing CUPA a complete entrance into Southern Europe, this forced the American 19th Battalion forces to guard the Austrian Greek border, where they repelled wave after wave of Russian heavy armor, until Captain Zachary Hans left his post in order to support Lieutenant Jarid Curtis, further allowing the Russians to break into Austria, and occupy the town of Vanhalian.

As Austrian forces fought to retake Vanhalian, Italian forces then launched a flanking Invasion against the Greek Islands, and liberated Athens from Russian forces, where Germans not long after forced the Russians out of Poland, by February 23rd, 2026. the Corcus Powers were finally able to remove the Russian Invasion back across Eastern Europe and back into a Russia, where the situation reached a stalemate.

However A single Russian battle group was able to break through the German Naval blockade at Pirth, Russia, and make its way into Denmark where it launched a final attempt to crush Europe from the North. The Invasion of Denmark forced the 15th Battalion forces who were in the area at the time to reclaim back the territory that was lost in the previous 2 days. Despite the odds being against them, the United States is able to succeed, and force the Russians out, with aide from both the British and French, who claimed that it felt good to be fighting along the US again, and not against them.

On May 2nd, 2026, the Corcus Powers and United Western Provinces negotiated peace, when the corrupted leaders in England France, and Belgium were forcefully removed and eliminated by its citizens, and peace was signed between both powers ending the Hostilities in Europe once and for all, reverting the United Western Provinces back into NATO, but the Corcus Powers would not yet dissolve due to the intense war occuring with ESA. With NATO back in existence, British, French, and Belgium forces forced their way into the city of Pirth, opening up the road for the Corcus Powers, where Germany would launch an Invasion of Russia, alongside Austria, and the American 18th Battalion.

The Invasion of Russia from Europe and the reunification of Europe would then spark horror amongst the leaders of ESA, where they would soon realize that their conquest of Europe would never happen due to the nations being one once more, due to this plight CUPA abandoned all of its future plans on Europe, and concentrated on the rest of Asia and the United States.

As a result, While German and Austrian forces continued with the Invasion of Russia, British forces launched a full scale D-Day landing on Crimea, where they were able to conquer the Island within 10 weeks, despite heavy Russian resistance, at that point in time Germany was soon able to overrun Smolensk and Leningrad, which were proven to be vital cities of historical history in Russia dating back since the second World War, while French forces launched an airborne attack against the Sisisacov Island. Because of the Invasion and the lost of major Russian ground, due to the combined efforts of both NATO and CP, Russia was soon forced to pull forces out of the United States while diverting all forces in Asia back to its homeland, further weakening ESA's hold on Asia, allowing both Italian, and Belgium forces to conduct a counter attack along South Korean forces, where by 2028, many landscapes would be reclaimed from ESA, where at the same time the United States and Canada along with a few German and Italian battalions sent from Europe were finally able to remove ESA off of American soil and finally take back the Southwest and Western side of hte United States that same week.

With ESA now outnumbered and outgunned, Japan soon turned against ESA, due to fear of the events of a second Nuclear assault on its home Island similar to the Atomic Bombs being dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima back in 1945, and refused to fight any further. As a form of retaliation for this cowardice, China Invaded Japan in hopes of forcing the Japanese to to continue to remain loyal to ESA, where as a result began a civil war among the ESA nations, as India soon turned against North Korea, and North Russia turned against Vietnam.

As the ESA nations began turning on each other, Germany was soon stopped once again on the suburbs of Russia, due to most of its forces returning to the motherland over the months, but the sudden second Invasion of Vietnam further divided the Russian forces, allowing newly arrived US forces to break through and enter Moscow by December 7th, 2027, and opening up the road for Germany allowing them to occupy the Russian capital, where Russia was soon forced out of the war by December 8th, 2027.

With the loss of Russia, and the Corcus Powers and NATO closing in against China and the remain CUPA nations by July 2nd, 2028, China attempted to launch a nuclear counter attack in its last desperate attempt to keep the world armies away, but the attempts were thwarted by American forces who instead turned the Chinese warheads against the Nuclear sites all over the nation further preventing China from ever launching a nuclear warhead again. By November 19th, 2028, the United States was able to conquer Vietnam, while England took control of Cambodia, promoting a full scale Invasion of China from both NATO and the Corcus Powers. Despite a desperate stand, NATO and CP were able to claim about 50 percent of China, until December 31st, 2029, when the government of China and Chinese general Xion Peng Lu, finally surrendered, bringing about the dissolvement of the Communist Provinces of Asia, and Corcus Powers that same day, finally at last ending the 11 year destructive engagement, and bringing about the reformation of the United Nations.

Prior to the War[]


European Theater[]

United Western Nations Invasion of Germany[]

The war in Europe began with the Western part of Germany being Invaded by both French and English forces on November 28th, 2018.

US Forces in a trench line Covering German Armor during the Battle of Rincorus Pass on December 18th, 2018...

The precursor for the main assault was a sneak attack on anti-aircraft defenses. When the sneak attack succeeded, the French launched their massive assault on German troops occupying most of Munster, and rapidly approaching the city of Remegan. While under the command of skilled officers, the United Western Provinces were able to defeat most of the Corcus Power forces there.

The French forces, then proceeded to smashed through Fort Schmanson, and overwhelmed the defenders. The attack was swift and deadly, and within the day, they had seized over 30 percent of Munster, about 4 points lower then when the Netherlands Invaded Germany months prior, opening another offensive front.

As British forces raised their banners over occupied towns in Munster, the French continued their momentum with a concentrated attack on West Germany. Within days they launched another assault, and almost 30 percent of Germany fell to the United Western Nations, forcing Germany to retreat East from the Western Front.

UWN Advances in Europe[]

After the successful occupation of a portion of Western Germany, the United Western Nations, proceeded to invade the rest of Europe, including Germany's ally Italy. The UWN attacked with full-force, allocating most of their Category-A Class Armored Divisions into the battle. The Corcus Powers knew the probabilities of losing the western front to the United Western Provinces with the latter having the upper hand in both quantity and (in some regards) quality.

American forces stationed in Germany at the time of the British and French Invasion, were able to prevent the city of Remagen from falling to the French Invasion, and was also successful in holding the Ludendorff Bridge, preventing the reinforcements from overrunning the American presence in the city until German reinforcements arrived, this victory further slowed the French Invasion of Germany and forced it to focus its resources around the Rhine.

During the French Invasion, Germany proceeded to invade several neighboring states. Denmark quickly fell to the GFR as Copenhagen was seized in the fighting, while American forces were quick to assault British held Islands in the Atlantic, and Italian forces began Invading Island states that belonged to France in the Mediterranean.

Despite these assaults on territorial lands, The British broke off from the Invasion of Germany, and began to assault the Islands, that were being threatened by America and Italy, while the armies of Belgium took over their role in the Invasion.

At some point, Norwegian forces Invaded German controlled territories in Sweden, in hopes of giving Sweden a chance to counter attack the German Invasion that had plagued the nation since October, but reinforcements conducted by Americans prevented the Invasion and forced Norway back across the border, along with an Invasion of the country itself, the sudden German and American Invasion of Norway, later forced the British into diverting all of its resources from its territorial Island Campaign into the defense of Norway, while also at the same time weakening France's hold on the parts of Germany that they controlled.

Corcus Powers Finish off Sweden[]

CP Invasion of Norway[]

After successfully taking over Sweden, and repelling the Norwegian Invasion, the Corcus Powers regarded Norway with importance because they would be able to use an air corridor, allowing them to fly their missions against England, along with eliminating a major asset to the United Western Provinces, if the country was under their control.

However, they found out there were many large anti-air defenses in Norway, so they decided to launch a direct assault to those artilleries.

As both American and Germany forces entered Norway, a fierce battle between the UWP Norway and the Corcus Powers began.

Although the Norwegian Army (and British Forces) valiantly defended their homeland with all their might, the Americans and Germans ultimately succeeded in their goal of eliminating the Norwegian anti-air defenses and won the battle.

As a result, the Corcus Powers have since been occupying the northern part of Norway, where in the weeks following, the Battle, the entire nation would be conquered.

Czeckia's Invasion of Italy[]

Seeing the war failing to shift in their favor, the United Western Nations, decided to Invade the Republic of Italy with the use of their Czech Republic force along combined with the Independent forces from the nation of Scalvia, in hopes of forcing Italian forces out of Germany, which by then was being reclaimed from France, due to overwhelming odds from American, German and Italian counter attacks.

Italy was Invaded in April 21st, 2019 by Scalvian and Czech Republic Forces, to the point that the Italian military was forced out of Sicily, until American forces were able to repel the Invasion by June 20th, 2019, where as a result linked up with Italian forces and forced the Czech Republic and Scalvian forces back into the Mediterranean Sea.

The failed Invasion of Italy eventually forced the United Western Nations to try and inflict different kinds of tactics in hopes of continuing the Invasion of the Corcus Powers.

American Invasion of Czeckia[]

Knowing that their Italian Invasion failed, the United Western Nations decided to launch a full scale assault, against the nation of Norway, through an Amphibious Landing force, while the Czech Republic was order to Invade Austria, from the East.

However, the United States were able to discover this operation, through the use of CIA intelligence, and were able to launch a surprise Invasion of the Republic before the British Invasion of Norway could even be ready.

Despite heavy defenses, the American military was able to open up the road towards the capital city of Prague, where they were successful in capturing the city within 10 days, forcing the remaining elements of the Czech Republic military to retreat to the seas, only for them to be barred by the Italian Navy, whom at some point blocaded the coastline of the Republic during the Invasion.

During this attempted Austiran forces also landed on the Republic seasing control the Czech's major port city of Kolian, which proved to have been the official breaking point for the Czech Republic's complete downfall.

Fearing that the Austrians would advance farther inland in order to join up with the Invading Americas, the President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman, capitulated ending the blood shed before any more damage could be conducted towards the people of the Czech Republic.

In the aftermath, the Czech Republic eventually surrendered, to American forces, eventually causing the United Western Provinces to lose one of its most reliable Eastern European Allies, which as a result dealt a hard blow against the United Western Nations.

Scalvia Campaign[]

Despite the Capitulation of the Czech Republic, the nation of Scalvia continued to resist the US, since its nation was invaded at some time during the Czech Camapain. Despite putting up heavy resistance against the United States military, the Scalvia's outnumbered and outgunned, were soon forced toward the suburbs of their captial of Ataron with most of the nation of Scalvia falling under US control.

With no way to escape, as the Italian Navy has moved up the Medditerrean to block the coastline, and the fall of their nation becoming more and more grim, Head of State King Erik II Arkadia, eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to survive their nations fall is to make a deal with another coalition, which in terms could force the CP out of Scalvia under the threat of war.

The Scalvians managed to hold their ground for about 3 months until October, when the United States broke through the Scalvian defenses in the Battle of Orbocha, which was known to be the last official line of defense between the United States and the Scalvian capital of Ataron, but the advance toward Ataron was cut when the Scalvian head of state eventually came to the terms that the nation of Scalvia was now apart of the coalition Eastern European Union, which by far rendering their state as no longer connected to the United Western Nations, and that the United States forces being on Scalvian lands is a direct violation of Article 235 of Eastern European law, claiming that if an offending nation is on the soils of that of the Eastern European Union, they would not only be forcefully removed but the consequence would be punishable by war, meaning that if the United States did not leave Scalvia by October 30th, the Eastern Euroepan Union would declare war on the Corcus Powers, therefore adding a new front to the CP, this in turn forced a temporary ceasefire in the Scalvia campaign, as the CP Leaders met in Washington in order to discuss the proposal concerning the sudden shifting of Scalvia from the UWN into the EEU.

In a bold attempt to avoid a second front from Eastern Europe, A decision was eventually reached by October 22nd, 2019, and the order was then given for the United States military to withdraw out of Scalvia, along with the Italian Naval forces that were blocking Scalvian ports on the Medditerrean, which was honored, and the Treaty of Leerson was signed ending the Scalvian campaign.

France is Removed from Germany[]

As a result, to the conquering of the Czech Republic, French forces were also losing their grip on the small percent of Western Germany that they had been successful in conquering in the last 8 months, while at the same time losing ground around the Remegan area.

German forces by August 15th were able to launch a successful counter offensive against the French forces during the Battle of Frankfurt, which in turn, forced them to return back to occupied Munster Province, where they would eventually come under assault by American forces from the North, who were successful in breaking through the Belgium forces in the Battle of Lawrenorf.

With American forces combined with the German Federal Forces, and later arrival of Italian forces, the Corcus Powers would soon eject France from Germany completely on August 27th, 2019.

Assault on Belgium[]

Following the liberation of Munster, Germany decided to Invade Belgium in hopes of eliminating another key nation in the United Western Nations, with the use of tank battalions.

Knowing that the Western border nations of France, and Belgium were now weakened from the failed Invasion of Germany, German forces stationed in the Occupied Netherlands, amassed and launched a surprise offensive across the border and into Belgium.

As Belgium forces were able to hold up against the German Northern Invasion, British forces then arrived from overseas, and pushed the frontline back towards the border, but the sudden arrival of American soldiers, once again tipped the favor against the United Western Nations, and forced both British and Belgium forces to retreat south toward the city of Brussels, where they fortified the city as best as they could.

At some point, the British and Belgium forces were successfully able to hold back both the German and American forces for about 12 days, until a small American division led by Colonel Richard Pierce, successfully broke through into the suburbs and enter the city, forcing the remaining defenses around the Belgium capital to falter.

As American and German forces occupied the city of Brussels, the remaining Belgium military units then fled Southbound in hopes of reaching France, but Austrian forces later arrived and closed the gap trapping the British and Belgian forces at Yrpes.

French forces in a strong attempt to save its bordering ally, crossed the border and made its way to Yrpes, in hopes of hitting the Austrian military from the rear, but their advance was stopped by American forces, further forcing the weakened French Military back across the border, further resulting into the conquering of Belgium on September 17th, 2019, and the evacuation of British soldiers from the nation.

Icelandic Campaign[]

Considering Iceland's strategic position, the British filled the Island nation with their forces in hopes of creating a strike force against the United States, while using Iceland as their stepping stone.

An Invasion of the United States was thought up by British Parliament in order to relieve pressure on their forces in Western Europe, however German drone surveillance footage was able to oversee this future operation, and the Island was assaulted by the German Federal Republic.

Even with the Royal navy securely fastened around Iceland, the German Invasion force was able to make it though undetected with the use of U-Boats sinking much of the blockade, At some point from October 19th, 2019 to November 2nd, 2019, the Germans were soon able to overrun most of the British in Iceland and managed to occupy much of Island nation, destroying many resources and foundries located within the glaciares among the mountains of the nation, while fighting heavily against British force, who were desperate in keeping their hold on Iceland, as this was known as their only way to attack the United States at the time.

During the course of the conflict, the Royal Navy had since then struggled to drive the Germans back, until Airstrikes from the Royal Air Force launched from England began to hammer the Invasion, and more forces were soon sent out to the North Atlantic from England, where the German Invasion was reluctantly defeated during the Battle of Reykjavík, resulting in a failure in occupying Iceland. and causing the destruction of the entire German 989th Panzer Division.

However, despite the failed Invasion, the German assault crippled the British Invasion force, that was meant to strike America, further forcing the UWN to revert most of its resources back toward Europe.

Invasion of France[]

Pacific Theater[]

American Theater[]

Turkish Campaign[]